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Eye Treatments

The beauty hut offers a range of eye treatments in addition to our popular lash perfect system.



 eyelash tinting2 Eyebrow Tinting 

Eyebrows can be tinted to enhance the natural fullness and shape of your eyebrows, we use customised colour formulas for all clients.


 eyebrow tinting2 Eyelash Tinting

 Glamourise your Lashes with or semi-permanent tints, which enhance your natural eyelashes. Tints last up to four weeks 

Party Lashes (Cluster lashes) Volumise and accentuate your lashes for up to 7 days with our professionally fitted party lashes.
Strip Lashes Strip lashes expertly applied, Choose from our range of professional lashes or bring your own choice.
Eyebrow shaping Shaping by waxing or plucking for your desired shape.


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